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How do you manage your library and set lists?
I have 7 tablets for my band.

I'm creating multiple set lists per week with about 50+ songs in each set.

Creating these set lists takes hours on the tablet.

I have my entire Charts library in my dropbox and have imported them into my library on my Tablet.

When creating sets, i can either create a new setlist and add songs 1 by 1 the traditional way ... or, Import them from a dropbox folder I've created with the Set's songs in it.

The issue is, when I import, it will create duplicate files.

When I ask it to Overwrite or Update existing files, it won't import all the songs. Don't know why, it just won't.

So now I have 5 times as many songs in my library (with multiple duplicated files) and it's just not very well organized.

Is there a way to keep all my charts in my library ... then when I'm ready to make a Set on my tablet, Import the songs from a Dropbox folder and have those songs added to the set and also update (or overwrite) the song(s) in my library on my tablet?
12 tablets (Insignia, ONN, Dragon Touch). Ranging from Android 5 to 9.
I don't think that reimporting files that already exist in your library is currently going to work. I understand why you would want to do this (it saves you from having to locate the existing songs in your library), but the problem is that MobileSheetsPro thinks you want to create new songs that just happen to use files that match existing files in your library. On the import settings dialog that is displayed after selecting files to import, you will see there is a "Duplicate File Behavior" dropdown. Currently, you can only choose between "Create New Song From Existing File" or "Ignore Duplicate Files". What you are asking for would essentially be a third option - "Add Existing Song to Selected Groups". Then it would just grab the existing song and add that to whatever groups you may have selected below. I would really like to hear what people think - would it be useful to have that option added? If people like to be able to build lists by reimporting files, this would make that possible.
Somehow I don't get where the benefit for importing all files from dropbox again is and what is so time consuming. Creating a setlist on the tablet doesn't take long at all, even for 50+ items. Also you still have to import to all tablets and also reorder if you want another order, right?

I think this would be a rare and extravagant feature, am not much in favour and would prefer to see rather some of the requested features like improvements of csv import, filters, custom groups, scrolling etc tackled before.

But I'd like to suggest a workaround for your workflow which I think might help.

If you not have already I suggest you import all your fies to your master tablet and also the others and keep them in sync. I recommend to use manual managing of the files (not by MSP) since that is easier to control IMO.

You aready use dropbox so you might know the excellent app dropsync with which you can keep the contents of all your tablets in sync automatically (there are also respective apps for other cloud services like gdrive from the same developer).

After that it's only a matter of distributing the setlist on your master tablet to the other tablets. There's no MSP function for that. But you can choose the expose database checkbox in the settings and then simply copy the database to the respective folders on the other tablets. Since that's only a small file transfer you have very quickly all your settings including your setlists on the other tablets, too.

Now that I'm thinking about it, you should be able to sync the database folder with dropsync, too so that you can have a fully automatical sync. (I have to try that with my tablet and mobile asap myself)
Thanks for the replies.

All my computer are MAC and the only Android or Windows components I own are my tablets (Insignia running Android).  

I'm still getting used to it.

The reason I was using DBox was that I setup DBox folder before each gig for the musicians to review any charts they don't know ... so the folders are already there and setup for me to IMPORT from within MobileSheetsPro.

I have ditched that process.

I now just have ALL my charts (around 1200 sheets) in all my tablets and just manually make set lists. I've gotten used to the "search filters" and it's become a lot less time consuming for me.

You mentioned keeping DBox folders automatically synced. I don't know how to do that but will research it and if it just automatically syncs my DBox folders with MobileSheetsPro, that would be brilliant.

12 tablets (Insignia, ONN, Dragon Touch). Ranging from Android 5 to 9.
Yes, as i wrote I got the idea while answering to your post. I applied it to the settings dir and my sheets dir on the sd card on my devices and am very happy with this solution. Dropsync works very well, but you may of course try other apps for that.
I'm trying to setup DropSync.

Here's my settings

Remote folder in Dropbox: "Chart Updates"

Local folder in device: "/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheetspro/files

Sync method: Download only

I ran the sync and it successfully downloaded a test PDF i put in the Dropbox folder. But, when I opened MSPro, the chart wasn't in my songs database.

When I see the database folder within DropSync, I'm noticing that every song I have is actually within a Folder rather than single PDF files.  So, I imagine that simply importing a PDF into the Local folder called "files" isn't working somehow.

Can someone point me in the right direction with this?

12 tablets (Insignia, ONN, Dragon Touch). Ranging from Android 5 to 9.

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