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Annotation text size
I've only just started using this app so it's all pretty new to me. I've been adding annotations to a score but I'm having problems with the text size. 
In this first screenshot you can see the original annotation - text size 15.0

[Image: OYnatez.jpg?2]

In this second shot I have tried to add another annotation at a later time but it is clearly much bigger than the original in spite of it also showing as size 15.0

[Image: 85dJarO.jpg?3]

What am I doing wrong?
Hello Apricot,

A couple of questions for you:

1) Is this with the Android version or Windows 10? You posted in the MobileSheetsPro subforum, so I'm assuming Android, but I just want to verify first
2) Between taking those two screenshots, had you performed any other actions? Did you change the text size at any point? Did you select any existing text annotations with a larger text size? I'm trying to determine if this is just a bug with the text size display.
3) This is all with the same song, correct? You didn't perform any actions between those two screenshots such as cropping the page or zooming, did you?

Hello Mike,
In answer to your questions:
1. Yes, this is the android tablet version (I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition)
2. I took those screenshots literally one after the other , just so I could show you an example.
3. This is the same song and I didn't perform any other actions.

Hope this helps,
Apricot Lil
I'm not able to reproduce the problem yet, but I'll keep trying.

Did you rotate your tablet between making those annotations? That changes the scaling of the page that you are writing on. The annotations are created based upon the current scaling of the page. If you then rotate the tablet, or zoom in, or perform any other action that changes the page size, they will scale up or down to match the original size of the page when they were created. This is done so that your annotations keep their relative size on the page.
It's quite possible that I did rotate the tablet between the time I made the 1st and 2nd annotations. It does just seem to be related to that particular score as I just tried testing it out on a completely different one and there wasn't a problem. I'll try your rotating theory out on this other score and see if that changes things.
Haha! Yes, that's what it is...I just tried it on the second score and it has replicated the issue. Thank you, at least I now know why this has happened and will bear it in mind for the future.
Apricot Lil

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