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Won't stay on a song sheet
Hi there!  I'm having a problem.  I've been using the Pro version for quite awhile and never had an issue until recently.  It seemed to have started after the last update, but that could just be a coincidence.  

Here's what happens:

When I click on a set list or even just an individual song, it will stay on the song for a brief period (time varies) and then it will suddenly revert back to the Recent tab.  It's worrisome because it will happen while I'm on stage in the middle of a song. Sad

I've wiped my tablet and reinstalled the app, but it doesn't seemed to have helped.

I'm using an Android device (Samsung SM-T377V tablet).  

Anyone else having this issue?  I looked through this forum as well as Google land and found nothing.  Any help would be appreciated.
I've been contacted a by a few users in the past that have encountered this same issue, but we were never able to figure out exactly what caused it. I'm happy to do everything I can to help investigate the issue though. You can try the following:

1) Switch the PDF render library under Settings->Display Settings->Render Preference to see if it changes anything
2) Try loading songs based on text/chord pro or image files as those use less memory than a PDF to see it's somehow related to that
3) Try turning off WiFi, bluetooth and 3g/4g to see if that has any impact
4) If you changed any settings on the tablet under the developer settings such as "Don't keep activites", you must revert those changes.
5) See if the problem is the same in both portrait and landscape orientation
6) Create a backup of your library and share it with me at mike@zubersoft.com so I can see if the problem can be reproduced on any of my devices
7) We can try having you install a new build to see if that runs any better. If that doesn't work, we can try having you install an older version again to see if the problem doesn't occur on that version.

If we absolutely can't figure anything out, it would then be time to try a factory reset on your device.

Thank you!  I will try your recommendations and see if they help.  I'm willing to try anything at this point. I love your product and would hate to have to switch to something else.  There's nothing out there (that I could find) that compares.
Hi Mike!

Awhile back I was having an issue with having the song cutting out on me and reverting back to the Recent screen.  I tried all of your suggestions and even did a factory reset and reinstalled the application.  It was working great for about 6 months and then a couple of days ago it started doing the exact same thing.  It seems to 'hiccup' a little, which then kicks it out of the song as well as the setlist.

I just shared a backup file with you, so hopefully you can see if you can replicate it on other devices.
I'm having the same issue on a Samsung SM-P905V running Android. TTried uninstalling and reinstalling.  How could I transfer my files to see if it can be reproduced?
Another user discovered that if they removed the SIM card from their tablet, suddenly all the problems went away. Two other users have reported the same success after removing the SIM card. Do you have a SIM card in your tablet haleytd? If so, can you try removing it and see if the problem vanishes?

I removed the SIM card and it still went back to library.  I rebooted, still did it.  I wiped the tablet and reinstalled and it still does it, with or without the SIM card installed.  Interestingly it seems to consistently revert back to the library after 270 seconds.  Hoping that triggers some knowledge of what might be causing the issue.
Can you try removing the SIM card, disabling bluetooth and WIFI, and try again? I'm just trying to eliminate things other users have mentioned in the past as causing unusual behavior on their device.

I apologize but I was removing the SD card instead of the SIM card as you instructed.  Today I removed the SIM card and the problem goes away!

Now I recall that the reason I installed the SIM card was to eliminate annoying System UI notifications regarding "No SIM card installed".  I'm using a Galaxy Note 2 on Lollipop (think I understand that it cannot be upgraded further).  The only methods I can locate to remove the notification involve either rooting the device or using a System UI tuner app that says it's not compatible with my device. 

Have you found a way around the SIM card issue?  Alternatively, do you know of a way that I can get rid of the notification with this device and Android build?

Thanks!   Was very close to going over to the Dark Side and using a competitor's sheet music app that many of my fellow jammers use.  I prefer not to be an isheep.
I'm not familiar with the "No SIM Card installed" notification to which you are referring. Can you take a screenshot of that? Does it just show up in the tray when you slide down from the top of the screen? Or is it more prevalent/annoying?

What happens if you turn on airplane mode? Does that cause the notification to go away? You can still use WiFi in airplane mode.

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