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Midi commands in songs
Hi Zuberman,

I am still doing the data input and configuring my lyrics in MSP. There are always new things that you can use in this very great software.

While trying to use lyrics in a single song file in several setlists, I've found that it's possible to capture multiple midi commands in one song. If I enter different midi commands, which contain all different preset change data for my Yamaha Tyros 5, only the last command will be used. It is apparently not possible to assign different Midi-Preset-Change commands to song calls of the same song from different setlists?


MSP - setlist: 081, 7. Song /      Song-Name1     -    Tyros 5 - Preset: Bank No .: 081  Place: 7
MSP - setlist: 074, 3. Song /      Song-Name1     -    Tyros 5 - Preset: Bank No .: 074  Place: 3

However, since only the last command is called when calling the same song: name 1, which is connected with the different setlists, only one of the two preset/places can be called up via one single song ?

Would it be a big effort for you to do a programming which allows to send different midi preset change commands in a single song when different setlist entries are calling the same song, while the different Midi commands are bound to the respective preset list entry ?

If that's not possible, that's not a problem either, so I'll just have to create a second song with a similar name for each setlist entry for the same song to be able to send different midi commands. The only disadvantage is just that the memory gets full faster and the song database becomes confusing for many of the same songs.

So that's just an idea from me . . .

Thanks again for your great work
I'm going to be adding song versioning in the future (I've discussed this in other forum posts) which would let you have different versions of a song assigned to different setlists. Each version could have separate MIDI commands assigned to it. This effort is going to be pretty significant and time consuming, and I don't think I'll have time to start working on it until the beginning of next year (it all depends upon how long the other planned features take to implement). If you need a short term solution, you'll need to make copies of your songs for each setlist. If you can wait until early next year, then the song versioning feature will be the answer.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I figured this change, if possible, would mean a lot more effort, so I think we users appreciate it all the more if you can change it next year.

As I already wrote, I can solve that until then with duplicate songs with slightly changed song names.

Thank you


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