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Creating a snippet from a series of image files?
Hello @all,

I didn't finde a clue in the manual and didn't come up with an own idea to manage this, so this question to the forum.

I imported three page images, shot from a paper source, into one consecutive song. When I call this song the bottom page indication bar tells me that the song actually consists of those three pages, and they can be scrolled through continuously. So far so good.

But there is a repetition that does not fit into one screen, so I'd like to create a snippet with a page ordering of 1,2,1,2,3.

But when I open the snippet tool (bottom left) it tells me that there is only one(!) page in the file. So I cannot enter what I think I'd need to.

Any pointers what to do alternatively really appreciated!

Playing classical music on a wind controller hobby-wise - and tired of carrying around tons of paper sheets.  Wink
Can't you just use the "Edit Song" function to set the desired page order (then crop as required)?
e.g Songs, Long press on required song, "Edit Song" in top menu bar


edit: Just tried using the snippet tool (for the first time) on a 2 page pdf.
It says a single page in the file (I think this refers to # pages in snippet rather than in source file)
Click on page order and set the keyboard to "Full"
You should then be able to enter commas e.g. 1,2,1,2,3

This may not help you if the repetition crosses pages!
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The page order feature only works for PDFs, as it's designed to allow you to choose which pages of the PDF to use. With images, it's a single page file essentially, so there is nothing to order. If you want to use images, you'll have to add the images multiple times to the same song. So you would add image 1, then image 2, then image 1, then image 2, then image 3. That's why I usually recommend users stick with PDFs if possible. I understand that from the perspective of a user with a song containing only images, it makes sense to specify the page order in terms of the pages of the song (as each image is just one page). However this either wouldn't make sense or would be terribly confusing with PDFs as you'd have to guess what the offset is from the first file to the next one when assigning the page ordering. Perhaps in the future I can devise a way to handle this if a song uses only images. That or I could just add a "duplicate" option for image files so that you can duplicate them in the file list and then reorder as needed.

Hi guys,

thanks for the procedural concept outline! Yes, you are right: I can add the pages as desired. Now that I know how to do it, it seems rather easy. Rolleyes

@Mike: Once the idea is grasped I wouldn't think it necessary to provide an additional functionality for that. But I'd say it would be very helpful to find a respective information in the manual about that. Maybe a dedicated, "problem oriented", section on how to prepare typical sources for an adequate representation would be helpful. I just re-scanned the content list of your manual and didn't find any item that would draw my attention with my posed question in mind. The present manual's detailedness is excellent, but at least with my problem, it didn't help to get a clue how to proceed.

Kind regards,
Playing classical music on a wind controller hobby-wise - and tired of carrying around tons of paper sheets.  Wink

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