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Still Love Mobilesheets!
I just want to say I've been using Mobilesheets for probably about 8 years now and I still love it.
I use it almost every time I play my mandolin for sheet music, tabs, lyrics, whatever I can put in a PDF or text/chordpro file.
I don't think there is any other app on my phones, tablets, computers, etc. that I've used successfully for that long.
Great product and great support!
Just yesterday I had a question and quickly found the answer in the forum..

Thanks Mike!
Thanks Beth! I love hearing about the app working well for people over all these years. The app wouldn't have been able to come so far without the great support from the community.

I have to agree, I have no used it as long as you but cannot imagine switching. It gets better every update.

Thank you Mike!
I have been using it since 2013 if not 2012....back when it was just MS. LOVE IT! Other musicians see me using it on my Chromebook and are like "what is that?!?!". :-)
Have not used it nearly as long as you guys. But I am a fan.

Thanks Mike
I have been using Mobile Sheets since 2013. I agree it is fantastic! I am now utterly dependent on it for all rehearsals and performances, so I have two aging Hanspree tablets that are slowly dying, an RCA 12" tablet, and just purchased a 14" HP Chromebook 2-in-1 which looks like it will be the best of the lot. I always carry at least two of them to a gig.

BTW I am a software/hardware developer, and 'way back in 2012 I built my own music display using a Raspberry Pi, a 14" monitor, and a USB mouse turned into a pedal (keyboard needed for setup but not performance). No touchscreen. It worked, but was cumbersome. When I learned of Mobile Sheets and large Android tablets, I switched immediately and have never looked back.

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