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Annotations with capacitive touch screen not working well
I have Mobile Sheets running on a Surface Pro, and annotations using the Surface Pen work great. When I'm home, I plug in a capacitive touch screen (An ASUS 17" - don't have the model number handy) and turn off stylus mode in the annotations. It will let me do annotations, but I can only do large ones. If I try to write reasonably small, like script handwriting or drawing musical notes, it "adjusts" the lines. It makes an "e" look like an "i" without the dot, for instance.  Trying to draw a note head looks like random small scribbles instead of a filled in oval. It also skips a occasionally even if I draw or write large. 

In Mobile Sheets, I have snap to grid turned off, and and smoothing set to "none." The problem happens if I use my finger and also if I use a stylus that has a soft rubber tip. It's one of those that has a soft rounded tip shaped sorta like the end of a finger.

I've searched for settings in windows and also in Mobile Sheets. I haven't found any other settings that seem to apply.

This is a Surface Pro 7 with an i5. The ASUS monitor's touch connection is via USB 3.0 into a router / dock that is plugged into the USB port on the Surface. I'm running Windows 10 20H2 build 19042.1165.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.
If you use your finger to create annotations on the Surface Pro 7, does it act like the ASUS monitor, or does it work fine? If I had to guess, the accuracy and precision of the ASUS monitor is most likely far lower than the Surface Pro 7 screen, so it may be reporting very few touch events by comparison, leading to a poor experience while annotating. 

It works fine. That would explain it, then. The ASUS monitor is 1920 X 1080, while the Surface is 2736 X 1824, so as you say, it must be reporting far fewer touch events.

Okay, I guess I need a 4K monitor with touch if I want annotations to work in that mode. As an alternative, I can use text and stamps instead. Fortunately, you provide many options for the annotations.


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