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Some ChordPro questions
Hi Mike,

I've experimented a bit with chordpro files and MSP recently, and decided I want to switch over from docx/pdf sheets to chordpro files. For the other musicians this would be particularly handy, as they'd be able to easily transpose the songs and then use capo's etc.

So for our next gig, I perfected a bunch of songs in the MSP text editor. But I can't find an option to export the results into a file that I can share with them. All I can see are .msf and .pdf options. I also noticed that MSP doesn't actually change the original chordpro file. All I can do now then, is copy-paste every song into some notepad app and then save as .cho

It'd be useful to me if MSP could save songs as .cho (or whatever), and/or if it could alter the original .cho file. Am I missing something? If not, this might be a useful feature for the future.

On a related note, do you have any plans to fully support the chordpro directives? As of now, I'm missing the "start/end_of_grid" functionality the most. And some alternative layouts would be nice too. For instance, I'm not a big fan of the current "chorus" indentation for example, it leads to too many wrapping lines, a vertical black bar to the left would be nicer.

Anyway, love that MSP handles chordpro files decently, would just love to see it do even more Smile
I take ChordPro files I want to share from the file system. I often edit them there, they also contain changes made with MSPs text editor (but not MSP annotations).

Regarding chord grids there are two options:

Use something like
[|] [F] [Dm] [|] [Gm] [C] [|] 
instead of chord grids
pro: can be transposed within MSP, is compatible with almost any ChordPro program
con: measure bars are not aligned

or use the ChordPro reference implementation from https://github.com/ChordPro/chordpro/releases/ to create PDFs
pro: you can use all the new fancy features like chord grid, Pango formatting, ABC integration
con: transposing in MSP is not possible, it requires transposing in the ChordPro program, creating a new PDF and importing that into MSP
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Awesome! Thanks! I found the directory you mentioned and the edited chordpro files. The [|] solution works well enough for me, thanks again.

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