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MobileSheets Version 3.5.0 Released
MobileSheets (Android and Windows) version 3.5.0 has been released. The full list of changes can be found below:

Common Fixes (Android + Windows 10/11)
  • Reduced delay when starting the metronome and increased the accuracy of the audible beats over longer periods of time
  • Fixed issue where the two page display mode would shift the page slightly when entering the annotation editor
  • Fixed issue where text could be cut off when exporting annotations to a PDF
  • Fixed issue where a pedal could be used to change songs even when the "Prevent pedal from changing songs" setting was enabled
  • Fixed issue with the database field for the number of pages in a PDF field not being populated correctly
  • Fixed issue that prevented highlight chord pro commands from working if they were not positioned at the start of a line
  • MIDI commands that are included in a formatted song title will now include channel information if the option has been enabled to send to multiple MIDI channels
  • Fixed issues with scaling and resizing piano staff annotations
Android v3.5.0
  • Fixed Dropbox connectivity issue on devices running 4.4 or lower
  • Improved Dropbox transfer speeds on some devices
  • Renamed MobileSheetsPro to MobileSheets
  • Fixed issue with automatic scrolling that caused immediate page turns when using the "Scroll Entire Song in Fixed Time" behavior
  • Fixed issue that could cause an export to hang indefinitely if MobileSheets tried to read more bytes than are present in a file
  • Fixed issue where stamps were positioned incorrectly when switching between fit screen and full screen page scaling
  • Note: the positioning fix will only be applied to new annotations to prevent existing annotations from being shifted

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