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Android vs Windows Version Differences?
Hi there
I'm a long time user of Mobilesheets Android, running it primarily on a HP Slate 21. I love the big screen of the Slate but it's now giving me problems when trying to boot (hanging on the HP logo). I may have to replace the Slate, and I'm looking at a relatively inexpensive Acer All In One Windows computer. I am wondering if there are any notable difference between the Android version and the Windows version of Mobilesheets. Can anyone enlighten me please?
Thank you.
I have both. No really noticeable differences for me but one, the Companion is not used to import stuff. Other folks may see more since I don't use Windows very often.
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I also switched from a HP Slate 21 to a windows device a couple of months ago.

Could not notice any differences between the two versions of MobileSheets. (I have never used the Companion, so I cannot comment on that part)
Switching from one to the other was easy using the backup / Restore function in MS.
Also, the annotations I made in MS when on Android are in exactly the same place after restoring the MS backup to the windows version (I was a bit afraid that there would be some differences there before I made the switch ... )

The differences I did notice are O.S. related.
On Android, MS was started automatically when detecting my MIDI device. On Windows, having MS start automatically is more difficult. There are a couple of posts about this on the MobileSheets forum.
And of course Windows will install it's updates, which can be rather annoying at times.
On the Android device there was no way to access my NAS device (where I keep my MS backups) from within MobileSheets. On Windows this is of course no longer an issue
I can now also use the device where MS is running on for other music related stuff (such as using Musescore for making music scores)

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Thanks to you both for the information. I'm still limping along with my Slate (it seems to be a bootloader problem) but if/when I have to switch, it's comforting to know I won't be losing functionality.
I appreciate your responses.
In case you change from Android to Windows and manage your files yourself MSPs backup/restore won't work,
see https://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/forum...p?tid=8767
If you move score files and MSP database manually it works without problems.
Switching from Windows to Android should be working as intended.
@Mike: any progress about the mentioned bug?
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Hi itsme;
Thanks for the info. Fortunately, my Android file management is using the default location so there's no problem with the Restore. I've now downloaded the Windows version to my laptop and was able to restore the backup I made a on the tablet a couple of days ago. It worked like a charm.
Thanks again.
It's still on my TODO list itsme - been trying to wrap up the iOS version which is taking longer than I would like.

Mike, do you see any changes in supporting the three different versions in the future?

Let's say windows is the least popular, is there a possibility you will drop its support?
No, I will certainly not drop support for any of them. My goal will be to always release updates for all three platforms around the same time, especially if there are any changes that cause incompatibilities.

(08-23-2022, 01:13 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: No, I will certainly not drop support for any of them. My goal will be to always release updates for all three platforms around the same time, especially if there are any changes that cause incompatibilities.


Well that's good news. I just purchased a Windows All In One and so far, I'm seeing no major difference between the Android and Windows versions. I just have to get used to a non-touch display. 
Thanks again for the responses.

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