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"MobileSheetsPro won't run without Google Play services, which are not supported...
Hello all,

I've been using MobileSheets e-paper display version for several years on my Boox Max, but that device is getting a little long in the tooth, will only update to Android 6 something, and has a few cracks on the screen. I just got a new Meebook P78 (Android 11) and set up another license for MobileSheets on that device. I've already got the Google Play store, Dropbox, and Mobile Sheets running just fine on that device... with one exception.

I cannot import files from Google Drive. Every time I try I receive the following error:

"MobileSheetsPro won't run without Google Play services, which are not supported by your device." 

I'm already logged into Google Play services, I'm logged into Google Drive. I can import files from DropBox with no issues. Everything works just fine except this one thing... which is a relatively big thing because I have tons of charts on that drive. If I have to I could move them to DropBox, but that account is dedicated to another band and I don't want to cross charts between the two.

I had thought about doing a file backup on the old device and restoring that backup onto the new device. However this is a great chance to really clean up some files and tags to correct lots of mistakes I made in the past when importing files the first time.

Anyone experienced this issue on a similar device?


Hello Chris,

I rely heavily on a library that Google provides to do a lot of the heavy lifting with Google Drive. It handles the account authentication and verifying that Google Play Services are available. The error you are seeing means that something in their library can't connect to the Google Play Services on the device for some reason. This is not something that can be addressed in MobileSheets itself unfortunately, as it's all inside Google's code. However, I did find that when I encountered that error on my BOOX Max Lumi, I had wound up having to log in to Google's framework to view information about my profile, and the second I did that, the errors went away. So it was almost like that extra login set something up with Google Play Services that allowed the Google Drive integration to work in MobileSheets. I'm not sure if there is a similar section of the tablet settings on your Meebook where you have to set up Google Play Services, or if there is an option to click on your profile icon and log in with your Google account.

As a side note, if you use Import->System File Browser, and select files through the Google Drive app, that should still work perfectly fine.

Best regards,

Thanks so much for the response. I figured this was more of a Google issue than a Mobilesheets issue, however it was so specific I thought someone here might have already tackled the issue and I was just missing it because I was using the wrong keywords in my search.

In regards to the Google Play Services, I had already logged into the Google framework and verified I could access my profile on the Meebook. I also looked to verify that MobileSheets was an application that was allowed access. Still no joy. The only odd thing is that every time I select the import option, I see a radio button box pop up that ask to select the account I want to access Google Drive with (my logged in account, or another account). Which I've never seen on my Boox before. I always select the signed in account, then receive the pop up error message I pasted above. It's odd. I went through every option I could find in Google Play, and the overarching Google settings. Nothing made a difference.

The side note tip is an excellent tip by the way. I did not realize that link would allow me to access the other apps in that manner. That allowed me to successfully complete my bulk import, which is really all I wanted. While the standard import method is incredibly convenient and useful, for one off file imports I can live with this workflow or just importing directly through the app itself.

Thanks for the tip.


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