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Prevent Song Change not working with Cube Turner on Android (Solved)
The setting to prevent page turner from changing songs isn't working on my Galaxy Tab S6 and bluetooth Cube Turner pedal. Same setting and pedal works fine on Windows version. Do I have some other setting wrong or this this a new bug?
It depends whether the pedal is triggering a swipe action (which some unusual pedals do this), or whether it's actually activating the pedal action in MobileSheets. To test this, go to Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Pedal Actions and switch the action from "Go to Next Page" to something like "Return to library". Then load your score, press the pedal and see if it returns to the library screen. If it doesn't and instead just turns the page, then that pedal is not actually triggering pedal actions in MobileSheets by sending a key command. Instead, it's doing some weird interaction with the OS where it simulates a page turn. In that case, the "Prevent pedal from changing songs" setting is not going to work. The Cube Turner pedal is one of those unusual pedals that doesn't send key commands I believe, so it probably won't work well with MobileSheets.

Confirmed it's not sending keyboard commands. Thanks for the explanation.
I found a solution for Cube Turner. I just discovered that the pedal itself has configurable actions via an app, where you can set it to use keyboard commands instead of swipe actions.

- Install the Cube Suite app
- Flip the switch on the back to A (Android mode) and pair with your device, scan and select pedal in the app
- Change keyboard type to Keyboard A or B or MultiMedia, close app
- Open Mobile Sheets to pedal settings
- In Pedal Actions, tap Keys for Pedal 1, and press right pedal button (adds key to list). Repeat for the other button. 

Pedal will change pages as before, and Prevent Changing Songs works.

The default Keyboard type for Android sends swipe right and swipe left instead of keyboard commands, just as you said. But other keyboard options do send keys. 

If you have access to an iOS device doing the setup in the app is more straightforward because you can get the app in the app store. For Android, you have to download the apk from the Cuvave site below and allow unknown sources if you're ok with the risks. I did, and it appeared to be legit. 

Download link:
Thank you so much for sharing that. I'll make sure to tell other users about this, as I've gotten several emails from Cube Turner users. Not every user will have access to an iOS device, but for those that do, this will save them from having to get a new pedal.

Update: I found an Andriod version of the app, did some additional testing and revised my post.

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