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Chromebook: Cannot import PDFs
(01-04-2024, 05:03 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: I've seen that before, but I can't remember if it was on the stable channel or the beta channel of ChromeOS. Regardless, it's an OS issue. MobileSheets doesn't have control over what the operating system does with permissions. If the operating system is clearing the permission, MobileSheets has no choice but to request it again. I think I only saw that after rebooting the device though - if you just close and restart the app, the permission was persisted (at least that's what I recall the last time I saw this issue). I can say that with the latest beta channel OS version, I'm not seeing this problem on my Google Pixel Slate, so you can consider switching to the beta channel.


Looks like I deleted my question as you were replying.  Yes, the behavior in this case seems to be that the setting is, in fact, persistent in ChromeOS, but MS continues to prompt.  If I ignore the prompt, it seems to work without changing the settings.  And I guess I can check the box in the dialog to tell MS to suppress the dialog in the future.

(The question had to do with MS prompting at each start-up to re-enable the file sharing permissions.)
I use MobileSheets on a Chromebook notebook because this has a larger screen than any tablet I can afford.

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