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Going back page screws up link points
I don't know how link points work that well, but is it possible you accidentally clicked on the link point the first time and that's why it went back two pages. Then since you used up the link point (if it works that way) it was not triggered the 2nd time. (I could be totally off base).

(06-12-2014, 11:59 PM)jrkeyboard Wrote: I was going through a song the other day, using my Pageflip Cicada pedal, and I accidentally clicked through 2 page turns instead of just one. No problem, I used the "back" pedal to go back a page and continued on. But after that point, my link points didn't work. When I closed out of the song and went back in they worked fine, but after going back a page, they stopped.

I have my pedal mode set to "Link Start of Previous Page/Link End or Next Page"

This may be something that's already fixed in version 5, but just mentioning it in case you haven't noticed it.

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