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Display settings for portrait vs landscape modes
Thank you, schnautza. I guess I need more help, as I don't get anything opening at the bottom left. I'm feeling a little helpless today, can't come up with the words to find the info I want. 

I have now figured out that if I turn on a setting to keep the slider always visible with the overlay, I get the full bottom overlay toolbar that has the landscape settings.  And I see that I can now tap the music to make it appear and disappear. But I don't ever really want the slider, just want the popup like you described, on the bottom left, only when I want it. 

Related to that, the floating toolbar that comes up on the bottom right - before I turned the slider on, it recently started coming up as a box, with the metronome symbol on the left, that just turns the metronome on and off. I don't want that. I used to have the toolbar that lets me edit the metronome, just the right side of what's on the toolbar that has the landscape thing on the left. How do I get that floating toolbar? I have the floating toolbar set to display, but it was not displaying. Is there some mode that I'm in that changes these things?

I would be happy to have the slider off, and the full bottom toolbar on, with its appearance controlled by a tap. Or else the floating toolbar at the bottom right, that I used to have, but can't figure out how to get again, though I have it turned on in Settings, and a way to turn on the toolbar on the bottom left that you described. I don't ever want the page slider. 

Thanks for your help.
Wendy Cutler

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RE: Display settings for portrait vs landscape modes - by Wendy Cutler - 10-08-2018, 10:04 AM

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