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Visualisation order versus Import order
When I digitize scores, I scan them to jpg or png, and then import them into MSPro.
Most of the time one song consists of 2 or more pages, each resulting in a single png or jpg file. The individual files carry the name of the song followed by a sequence no., indicating the page no.
So for example for a song called, "Song_one", I would have Song_one001.png for the first page and Song_one002.png for the second page and so on.

For easy retrieval in MSPro, I have the the sort order of the MSPro file explorer to Date/descending. As a result I am seeing the newly added files first. So it is easy to find and select and import them.

But when I do, each imported song has it's pages in reverse order. For a 3 page song, I first would get page 3, then page 2, and finally page 1.

I do not know if this is intentional behaviour, but I would be nice to have the song pages in correct order after import, whatever the visualisation order
Now I have to manually reorder them for each imported song.

Also, it would be nice if a checked (selected) line in the MSPro file explorer had a different colour than an unselected line. I mainly use large tablets (21") in landscape mode, and as the file name is aligned left, and the line check mark is aligned right, they are far apart on my screen, so it can be difficult to see exactly which file is selected


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