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Things you may not know about in MobileSheets
In every list that displays a grab handle [Image: image016.png] you can remove items by sliding the handle to the right. The only exception to this is the setlist song list in the overlay (to prevent accidentally removing a song from the active setlist).

To rotate images that have been taken with the camera, double tap the image. It's a little bit of a slow process, but after a couple seconds, the image will be rotated. Note that this rotates the file on disk as well.

Is the overlay popping up in your face when you are trying to turn pages bothering you? Go into the settings and change the overlay mode to double tap. Now you have to double tap in the middle of the page to bring up the overlay (single tap still hides it). This prevents accidental taps while trying to turn pages.

Having problems connecting to the companion app? Toggle the wifi on the tablet on and off, and 9 times out of 10, it will connect just fine after.

Want to just change a songs PDF without having to go through the song editor? Tap and hold on a song while viewing the library screen, and select Swap PDF. Select the PDF to swap, and everything will be updated automatically.

If you need to make small adjustments to any of the sliders, just tap on the numeric value next to the slider (sometimes this takes a couple taps before it registers), and a window will pop up that lets you easily make small adjustments, or manually enter a specific value. You can also tap the page number in the top right of image overlay. If you disable the page slider in the settings, this gives you a way to still skip to a specific page.

I'll keep adding things that may not be completely obvious. If anyone wants to add tips for things they've found, please feel free to post.

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