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Searching on Page Number Field within a Collection
Hi. I am a new user of this program (v. 1.9.0) and have been using it to store collections of sheet music from ukulele club songbooks. I have either imported the books as a single PDF and split the PDF using the Create Snippet feature (about 40 pages in that collection), or scanned the book as a collection of separate documents (mostly one or sometimes 2 pages, over 250 pages in that collection). 

All  going well, except when in comes to searching for a song by Page Number within a collection.   (In the Page Number field in Editor I have given each song a page number according to its page number in the original book.) 

When searching by collection/page number under ‘Songs’, the results seem to list every song whose page number contains those digits, in alphabetical rather than page number order.  This is okay if you know the name of the song as well as the page number, but in club situations we often only get told the page number for a quick search.  Searching under ‘Recent’, the songs are in order of page number - but with a limit of 500 songs in ‘Recent’, this could ultimately be of limited value. I would like to see the song with the precise page number I am searching for appear at the top of the list rather than buried in a long alphabetical listing. Perhaps there is a simple setting I am unaware of to fix this??

There seems to be a further problem with searching for single-digit page numbers in a longer collection. In my almost-300 page collection, typing in a single-digit page number brings up all the 2- and 3- digit numbered songs containing that digit, but not the single-digit song itself. Any suggestions??

Help much appreciated!

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