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Creating setlist only on the Master
Is there any way to setup the Master & Slave in a way that (provided all the slaves have the same music sheets on their tablets) I could make a set list ONLY on the master and it will be able to bring up those sheets on the slave?
This is incredible useful especially if i'm in the middle of a gig, and i need to change up the setlist a little.. currently I have to go to every tablet and change it on theres. which i generally dont have that sort of time at the gig itself.

It would also be useful in general, so i dont have to keep on backing up and restoring my Mobilesheets from tablet to tablet just to share my setlist..

(If i change something up only on the master's setlist, it will not come up on the slaves when i load my setlist.)

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Creating setlist only on the Master - by aronniasoff@gmail.com - 05-19-2018, 07:56 AM
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