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Using the Virtual Keyboard with a Pedal Connected
I recently removed the ability to automatically disable bluetooth while viewing the library so that the virtual keyboard would be visible. I did this because it's not actually necessary, and thanks to user feedback, it was discovered that there is a much easier way.

First, ensure that your pedal is connected, open MobileSheets, and tap on the search text box at the top of the screen. No virtual keyboard will show up, but at the bottom right of the screen (on the Android status bar) you will see a little keyboard symbol pop up. Tap this symbol to see a pop-up window. At the top of this window is an option which says "Use physical keyboard". It will be set to "On" by default. Turn this to "Off" to have access to the virtual keyboard again while the bluetooth pedal is connected. Viola! You now have access to both your pedal and the virtual keyboard.

I hope that helps some users out there that might be unaware of this.


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Using the Virtual Keyboard with a Pedal Connected - by Zubersoft - 09-09-2013, 04:42 AM

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