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Simple (I think) Link Point Question
I just started using link points due to the need to buy a replacement pedal (BT-106) that does not allow you to entirely eliminate de-bounce (on my Firefly I used to just hold down the pedal to move through a lot of pages, like going to the beginning of a (10-page?) song).  (I guess link points are a better way of doing this anyway.)

So, here is a simple hypothetical I am hoping you can help me with so I can use this better.  (like I said I have a two pedal page turner).

If I have, let's say, at 10 page song.

I want to play through most of the song to page 8.

Link to page 2.

Then at page 4, I want to link back to page 8.

So, how do I set it up so the first time it hits page 4 it goes to the next page instead of the link.

Then at page 8 I want the link to trigger transferring me to page 2.

Then the second time I get to page 4 I want the link to take me to page 8.

I guess I would like the right pedal to always trigger the links (always sort of "going forward in the song").

But, of course, most the time the pedal is used to turn to the next page.

So I guess the simple question is, how do I set it up so the first time I get to a link (page 4) it ignores it, but on page 8 the link takes precedence (the first time) over a page turn.

Thanks. (I did read the manual, but the answers on this forum really make it easier)


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