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Advice on controlling a cue/click track from Mobile Sheets
I think I am going to try a different plan and forget about using auto-page turn based on the metronome in Mobile Sheets. I think I will let the sequencer control the tempo and have MS send a MIDI start to the sequencer. I will create a MIDI action that causes a page turn and put those MIDI messages in the song at the appropriate place to turn the page.

I think separate commands for turning it on or off makes a lot more sense. You either want to definitely turn it on or turn it off. When would you ever want to just make it the opposite of what it is now?

One issue with the way Android does the virtual ports is that there are 2 separate parts, enumerating available advertised virtual ports and connecting to them, and advertising an app as a virtual port to allow others to connect to it. An app can do one without the other. Mobile Sheets can connect to advertised ports, but does not advertise its ports. If you have another app that is the same and does not advertise its ports you cannot actually connect the 2. I may end up coding a utility app that will act as a MIDI THRU conduit that advertises ports to facilitate a connection if I cannot find an alternative.

Also contemplating using an unused Raspberry PI as a BLE MIDI device and going that way.

I at least have made a lot more progress now to get to the end goal and at least think the end goal is attainable now.

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RE: Advice on controlling a cue/click track from Mobile Sheets - by dalewking - 08-20-2019, 12:31 AM

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