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Metronome won't toggle off with footswitch.
(08-22-2019, 03:13 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: Hello Keith,

I just set up a quick test where I used the down key to trigger the metronone to start/stop, and I can't seem to reproduce what you are describing. I used pedal 3 for this, as I assumed that's what you did as well. In the metronome settings, I tested audio + visual and audio only. Is your metronome set to audio only by chance? That would explain #1. #2 I'm struggling to understand though. Do you have any other software running on the device that would use WASAPI audio? That would cause a conflict with MobileSheets. 

As for your question, the only thing that changed in the metronome with version 2.6.9 was the fix for using a non-default Beat Subdivision such as eighth notes. There were also some minor optimizations but they wouldn't cause the kinds of issues you are describing.

Thanks Mike for looking into this,

My metronome is set to audio + visual.  When I start and stop it manually it works fine.  But when I start it via the USB foot switch, only the audio starts.  Foot switch will not stop it.  To stop it I have to go to the menu where the metronome icon is not lit up and press the metronome icon which lights up the  icon but does not stop the metronome.  Then when I press the lit up metronome icon, it stops the audio and the icon becomes unlit.

Some upgrades to Windows 10 went on about the same time the last updates to Mobilesheets were applied.  Something in these updates may have caused this because it was working fine before.

When I get home I will make a little movie and send it so you can see it.



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