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file manager for MSP (sort of)
Mike, I was intentionally vague about the exact "specs" because I wanted to bring up the general idea and see what you say to the implications.

But well, considering the different platforms and the least amount of change (I think) something like this would work:

The same kind of file browser as for swapping and importing of files can be used. I think all files should show up regardless of MSP association.

When you select the file and long press you get a menu for moving and renaming (maybe also for copying and swapping).
Renaming should give a field to put in a new name obviously.

For moving and copying then there should be an ask for a destination folder (or file for swap) which can be chosen with the file browser as well.
Maybe there can be another ask if the database should be changed according to the new path/name etc.?

And after that the action for the files should take place and change the paths in the database similar to the swap feature or correction of wrong paths you
already have in MSP.

It would be nice if one could select multiple files or a complete folder for batch moves, batch file and folder renames and the respective batch corrections in the database. But 
even single file actions/corrections would be helpful.

What do you think?

@itsme Thanks for the hint of Scirius' scripts. But you have of course to use a PC, have Perl instead and it's not usable on-the-fly. I'd like to have a simpler method "on board" of the 
tablet like I described.

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