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sorting lists with and without leading 0 numbers

When naming files it is nearly always best to use a format so that they can be sorted alphabetically e.g. for dates using yyyy-mm-dd rather than dd-mm-yyyy.

It sounds as though your files have a number at the start followed by some text. Your best bet is to rename the files so that the numbers are all the same length (i.e. prefix small numbers with the required number of '0' characters). There are "tools" on the web that will do batch renaming but how easy it is may be dependent on the remaining text in the filename.

I suggest you copy all the files into a directory on your main pc and experiment renaming them into your desired order.
When happy,  recreate your MSP library with the renamed files. 
Obviously, this won't be ideal if your existing library contains lots of metadata which would need to be reentered.

Another possibility is that you use SQL operations to rename the Title entries in the MSP library (leaving the actual file name unchanged). This is beyond my knowledge (make sure you backup the MSP database before attempting to change it!). One disadvantage of this is that there is a mismatch between the MSP name and the physical filename and this may make updating files difficult (use the Swap feature in the companion?). Sciurius  has some SQL tools - perhaps one of those can be modified to do what you want.

Whichever way you choose sounds a lot of work!

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