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Hidden Songs
(04-02-2020, 02:06 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: No songs should ever be hidden in MobileSheetsPro. If they are filtered out, you can tap the "X" at the far right side of the filters bar on the library screen to ensure they all are displayed. Some songs in your library may not be assigned to albums, which you can verify by going to the Songs tab, tapping the button to show more filters, tapping on Albums, changing mode to "Unassigned' and then tapping OK on both dialogs. 

How did you go about summing all songs in all albums? I'd like to know the exact approach you used for that.

Yes, I can confirm, that the filtering settings can make visible previously "hidden" files. I can set the filters so that a I can have a selection og "hidden" songs to erase them.
Your question about the summing algorithm:
  1. I go to the album view which returns the number of songs of each album in a line per album; I simply added those album song numbers manually and came to 3768 songs
  2. I go the Songs view where I can visualize the total number of songs in the library; I would expect it to be 3768 as well.
In the meantime I was able to erase all "hidden" songs so the number of songs seams to be consistent.

And in the meantime I now, that I'm creating that situation  with the "hidden" songs: I'm using the CSV-Import for complete albums. If I'm detecting a problem in one of these csv or pdf-Files, I fix the problem on the source side (csv/pdf, whatever is necessary).
Now I went to the album view selected the affected album and erased all songs of this album. Than I erased the album itself. My assumtion was, that now everething which belong to the album has been removed now and that the fixed album can be imported as "virgin".
This is not the case, because exactly during this process, the "hidden" songs are "created".
Now the important question: How is the correct process to update a errounous album?

With kind regards, Peter

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