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Scrolling, page turn delivers to bottom of the page
(06-10-2020, 04:51 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: I can't see the attached scroll settings, but the way the automatic scrolling is designed, it will stop on the last page of the song being scrolled (if you've set the scroll behavior to "Scroll continuously until end"). If you tap the edges of the screen to go to the next page, it should scroll that enter page into view with the top of that page being at the top of the screen (unless you've changed the page alignment in the display mode settings). It should definitely not scroll you to the bottom of the next page. Having said that, if the page is enlarged quite a bit by zooming or the page scaling mode, then a page turn may result in scrolling the screen 33% instead of scrolling to the next page. This is to support users who have enlarged their pages so that they are larger than the screen is tall. 

If you are tapping to scroll, the page is not larger than the screen and it's jumping to the bottom of the next page, then something is definitely wrong there. Just so I can confirm - are you using the vertical scrolling display mode, or are you using a different display mode such as the single page display mode in landscape with half pages?

Thanks for that response, Mike.

I will continue to work with this function and study the manual.  It's kind of moot at this point because I've memorized the material and no longer need the score; which, for me, is very liberating
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