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Cloud Services
I have no plans for allowing songs to be linked to files in the cloud. This creates the potential for a significant number of error scenarios that I would have to handle and as otnt mentioned, it both eliminates the possibility of running the app offline and uses more battery power. I do support a library sychronization feature that lets you synchronize your library to the cloud, but this is a lot more complex than a simple file sync. MobileSheets stores a lot of information in the database that is separate from the files. Unless I went with an implementation where everything is file-based (i.e. there would be a data file per song in the storage location for all the metdata and such) then a simple file sync would not be sufficient. A database is a lot faster and more efficient than having to deal with a separate file for every song in the library. Having said that, the database itself is a file (it's a SQLite database), so you just have to make sure to sync mobilesheets.db under the default storage location. The location of this file can't be changed due to restrictions with SQLite and file permissions for UWP applications.


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