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MIDI Integration with a DAW like Reaper?
So I got this working brilliantly.  Here's how, in case anyone else is interested:

- Installed loopMIDI and added a new virtual MIDI port with it.

- Created a Smart Button
- Chose Send MIDI commands action
- Chose loopMIDI as the destination (note it was listed just as "MIDI")
- Created a control code action for a MIDI channel I don't use

in Reaper:
- Enabled loopMIDI for input in Midi Devices
- Created a dummy Track to receive the loopMIDI control codes relayed from MSP
- Armed that track and chose loopMIDI as the in FX source
- Installed ReaLearn (see https://www.helgoboss.org/projects/realearn/)
- Used "Learn Source" in ReaLearn and clicked the Smart Button - this automatically picks up the Smart Button CC I send, relayed via loopMIDI
- Used "Learn Target" to record the track I wanted to arm (could be any other Reaper action)

I repeated this with different control codes for each track I wanted to arm, and each track I wanted to disarm, adding all the mappings to ReaLearn - I only have to do this once.  I started at CC 100 but that was arbitrary.

Then in the MSP Smart Button for a Song I added multiple Send MIDI commands for disarming and arming the tracks I wanted for that song.   Now when I click the Smart Button in a Song it automatically arms/disarms the tracks corresponding to the virtual and physical instruments I want to use with my MIDI keyboards/pads/instruments for that song when playing "live".  Magic!


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RE: MIDI Integration with a DAW like Reaper? - by Andrew9999 - 11-08-2020, 07:37 AM

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