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Problem Copying/Pasting Text and Moving Text
(01-24-2021, 04:25 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: Is the page scaling for that song set to "Full screen" and the page is being stretched vertically? There must be a difference like that between the two songs.

Close.  I checked to see if the same thing happened on both pages of the song.  When i inserted  two line annotations on both pages, on the 1st page I did not get the extra spacing, but I did the 2nd page.

Then I checked Cropping.  I had cropped the 2nd page (but not the 1st page) to see everything better (since the last page did not take the full page).

So, I am guessing this is what is causing the larger spacing between lines on this page. 

Interestingly, I copied a two-line annotation I did using pre-revision annotation from the first page where the spacing is closer (better, in my opinion).

When I pasted it on the second page, it retained the (better) spacing.

Then I created a new double-spaced annotation on the first page.  It had the better (closer) spacing, presumably because the page was not cropped like the 2nd page.

Then I pasted that into the 2nd page and it switched to the greater (not preferred) spacing between lines.

So, it is interesting that, when I copied and pasted a pre-revision two-line annotation, it behaved in the "preferred" way.


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