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Can an import preserve directory structure?
I wish to import a bunch of scores that are organized in a directory hierarchy.  Ideally, I would like to preserve that directory hierarchy in MobileSheets, but unless I'm missing something, that's just not functionality that MobileSheets provides.  If I understand correctly, the MobileSheets view of the world is one where all imported 'Songs' are stored in a single, flat namespace.  Those Songs can have multiple attributes (Composer, Genre, Key, etc.), where those attributes are stored in a separate database, but there is no notion of hierarchy.

Using the Batch import, and assigning the first path of my source file path to, say 'Composer', allows me to preserve one level of hierarchy.  If, for example, I have a directory called 'Tarrega Guitar Transcriptions', batch import will allow me to see all the contents of that directory in MobileSheets under the (pseudo) composer named 'Tarrega Guitar Transcriptions'.  Buts that's not what I really want.  I have file paths like '/Guitar/Tarrega/Transcriptions/'  (and, in many cases, my hierarchy is much deeper than this, but hopefully you get the idea).  

Am I missing something? Or is this something I'll just have to give up on?

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Can an import preserve directory structure? - by loganmill - 03-10-2021, 08:03 AM

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