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Are Lyric & Chord Charts In MSP Really This Simple For Me?
Chord pro files are always going to work the way you expect because the syntax makes it much easier for MobileSheetsPro to identify when it's dealing with a chord versus lyrics. With a text file, MobileSheetsPro has to guess at what might be a line of chords versus lyrics. If it gets it wrong (like if there is a 50/50 mix of chords and lyrics on a line for some reason), then MobileSheetsPro might not transpose any of the chords on that line as it thinks it is dealing with lyrics. If all of your .txt files have the chords on separate lines with no other content, then .txt files may work just fine for you. There are other powerful features with chord pro files (such as the ability to repeat choruses, provide labels for sections, change formatting part way through a file, and a ton of other things I will be adding support for in the future), but if you don't need those features, then converting your files may not be worth it.


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RE: Are Lyric & Chord Charts In MSP Really This Simple For Me? - by Zubersoft - 05-19-2021, 10:41 AM

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