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Restoring Data Base
I establish my Mobile Sheets music on my laptop and annotate my songs. The data base is held both in the cloud and on the laptop.
Then I connect to my tablet via the cloud data base by using Synchronise to another device using either WIFI direct connect or Bluetooth with the laptop being the server and the tablet the client. Of course I take the tablet to play at gigs.

This has been working like a charm for at least 2 years. However I have got myself in a mess by making the tablet the server and the laptop the client. (I forget why, I was trying to recover some data or make a small correction). Now when I reverse the process I get error messages that they can't find the files.

I have a backed up database (.db file) file dated 24/5/22. I am hopeful that it will contain all my annotations, etc. The collection of songs is maybe up to 400 by now. How best to do this in a full proof manner is the question?

Should I load or import the .db file of 24/5/22 on to the laptop? Can you advise how to do that? 
And then can I simply transfer to the tablet in the normal manner? or do I have to expunge data files completely from the tablet and start afresh maybe with a reinstallation of Mobilesheets on the tablet?

Naturally I am a bit nervous about all this

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