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How to import bookmarks when importing from the Companion ?
Mike has already said that the Companion doesn't have this functionality. 
This is fair enough as it will never be able to do everything that MS does e.g. editing
I also believe that it was written to aid managing common MS tasks rather than to provided a swiss army knife.; and MS capabilities have changed tremendously since it was written (perhaps we are lucky that Mike still supports it as it generates no direct income).

As the .csv file is used to split up a larger pdf file, it is something that will be seldom done for a particular file.
So the hardship in transferring files to the MS device is not really an issue as it shouldn't be a frequent occurrence.
Should you have lots of .csv/.pdf pairs, I suggest you transfer them all into the same temporary folder on the device before doing the imports (this can be the Downloads folder if it is not cluttered with other rubbish). Using a single folder will minimise app switching.

Having transferred the files, you can use the filter on the import dialog to specify which file pair you are working on.
Assuming you are letting MS manage the files i.e. not using your own folder structure, the sources of these temporary imported files will be deleted after they have been processed (assuming you have checked the "Storage: Delete Original After Copy" setting).
As you process each pair, the temporary folder will start to empty and you know everything is complete when there are no more left.

One word of warning: I'm not sure what effect the "Storage: Delete Original After Copy" setting has if the source is onedrive i.e. make sure you disable this option after processing all your pairs of files.

Hope this helps
Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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