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Seeking advice on Airturns that work best with MobileSheets
I responded to your email, but I will also respond here:

I would recommend putting the pedal in mode 3, and then please follow these steps:

1) Load MobileSheets, tap the three dots at the top right and then Settings.
2) Tap Touch & Pedal Settings and then Pedal Actions
3) Tap the "Keys" field for Pedal 1.
4) Tap the "Clear" button on the dialog.
5) Press a pedal switch. If a key shows up, the pedal is communicating properly with your device and will work with MobileSheets. If it does not, the pedal is not communicating properly with your device.
6) If a key shows up, tap OK, then select the action you want that pedal to trigger from the dropdown below the keys field. Repeat these steps for pedal 2.

If the pedal isn't communicating properly with your device, you can try re-pairing the pedal in the system bluetooth settings and repeating the steps above. If it still doesn't work, that means there is a communication issue between your PC and the pedal. Make sure you have installed the AirTurn Manager app on your iOS device, connect the pedal to it and see if there is a more recent firmware you can download. This may help with the connection issues on Windows. If you still continue to encounter issues, you may want to consider contacting AirTurn, as this is not an application-specific issue if the pedal doesn't work in mode 3. It's important to understand that the pedal is acting like a computer keyboard where pressing a pedal switch sends a key command like "Page down". So the pedal should actually work with any app on the tablet. If you load an internet browser and navigate to a page that has scrollable content, the pedal should scroll the page up or down. If this doesn't work, then you know that it's a problem between the pedal and Windows.


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