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Song List display option request

I was playing around today with the song list and I wanted to see if you had made any progress on something that is visually distracting (to me, anyway). Every song entry in the Song List has "Unknown" for the Album field. Since I use MS as a replacement for my sheet music folder, this repetitive field is, well, a useless piece of information.

There are a few ways to reutilize this space. First, provide a pre-generated list of instruments - "Flute 1", "Trumpet 3", "Percussion 2", et al. I'm not sure what the largets number of chairs is for some of the larger compositions, so I don't know if "Flute 5" (etc) is realistic, but certainly 3 is common for orchestral and symphonic works, as would be 4 (or 5) for larger stage band arrangements. Perhaps there could be an INI file (or the Android equivalent) to allow a user to manually enter the various instruments they need then create the drop-down from this file. Alternatively, create yet another custom field tied to the instrument field so on each added piece, that information could be set.

Second, create two drop-downs. One for instrument name and a second for chair. This seems the easiest, but going back and trying to sort on { instrument - chair } is more difficult this way.

I'm sure there are other ways to do this, but these are the ways that came to mind as I was working with the Song List.

Hello Mark,

Version 5 is adding an additional custom field to songs as well as a custom group (you can name this what you want and it will act like Genres/Albums/etc where each entry contains a list of songs associated with it). Version 5 will also let users control what values are in every field, such as Source Type and Genre.

Hopefully this will get you what you need. Adding additional dropdown filters is difficult as there really isn't enough screen space for them. If enough users really need a dedicated instrument field, I can add this, but I think Source Type can be modified in version 5 to be instrument if needed (as you can control every value in it).


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