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Simple Question Regarding the Companion
(12-24-2013, 12:02 PM)jeffn1 Wrote: So far I have always loaded new songs into my tablet by transferring pdf's from my PC to a folder on the tablet and the importing them (either by batch import or one songs at a time) into MS. Its has been working fine.

But, my understanding Is I could use the Companion to do this. I would just import the song into the PC Companion (either batch import or individually).

And them, whenever I connect the Companion to the Tablet (via WiFi) it will automatically add the song into MS.

I guess that raises the issue about getting the songs into collections. But for now, I can just move the songs into a collection (or a setlist) on the tablet itself.

I just want confirmation that this is correct.



Hi Jeff,

It sounds like you haven't used the companion yet. When you run it, it establishes a real-time connection to your tablet, either via wifi or via USB, if you have configured that. (But USB is a bit more complicated, so let's stick to wifi). Once the companion is connected to your tablet (which must be running MobileSheets during the connection), it allows you to do most actions that you would do on your tablet, including editing and creating songs, setlists and collections. Everything you do is "real time", and changes are synced to the tablet at each operation. I would suggest reading the online manual for a more detailed description of the operation of the companion.

There are a few things you currently cannot do via the companion: specifically, annotations, link points and shortcuts can't be added or changed. I'm told that the author is considering adding some of this functionality at some point in the future.

I would add one caveat/suggestion with the companion: if you are planning on making significant edits/additions, it would be a good idea to create a Mobilesheets backup before doing so. On one or two occasions (albeit a very long time ago) I experienced a loss of communications during one of the syncs, and I needed to do a restore to get things right again. However, there have been numerous improvements to the app and companion since then, so my problem may have been related to a bug that has long since been exterminated. But still, better safe than sorry!

Good luck and have fun!

- Mike

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