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Version 5.0.0 More Previews
The other thing I should mention is that just because I release an update does not mean people have to download it. People that don't want to take the risk right away can sit back and wait to see what happens after the release, and then upgrade when they feel safe.

(09-16-2014, 09:45 AM)Zuberman Wrote: Thank you maestralien!

Graeme, I'm not sure what I should do. I've told many people they could upgrade for free, and a lot of users purchased the current version under the assumption that that would be possible. While I would love to be rewarded for the amount of work that went into this update, ...


Mike, I think definitely that a "upgrade-contribution" is what you sincerely deserve for the hard and great job you do! We all love MobileSheets and nobody, I say nobody, should get angry if you charge few box. Your job and app are so precious to us! Thanks again.
maestralien has hit on a good idea - how about a PayPal 'donation' button?

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(09-16-2014, 06:38 PM)GraemeJ Wrote: maestralien has hit on a good idea - how about a PayPal 'donation' button?

Sure! I'd go for that, but usually the "donation" system does not work very good, many people just skip it ... how about upgrade from actual version for 3,50 EUR?
Mike, I would be quite willing to pay for version5 as a separate program. The amount of work you have put into your program is outstanding and I am sure all your users would agree its the best program going.
Paul. (Slate 21)
I would be happy to pay for the upgrade to this program. I don't think it should be as much as the original version, perhaps 50% or so?

However I understand there are infrastructure issues with setting up an upgrade price, even if you did it as a separate app. You could offer the new version / app as "50% off for the first 2 weeks" which then lets all of us existing users "upgrade", and then move it back to the normal price?

Alternatively a popup box that mentions all your hard efforts, and requests a voluntary donation via paypal. If you coded it so the box only appears a limited number of times, and only until a certain date, then you probably wouldn't alienate too many people with the popups, and hopefully many of us would donate towards the app's development costs.
(09-16-2014, 10:47 PM)davidfarquhar Wrote: I would be happy to pay for the upgrade to this program...

Great ideas and suggestions. Mike is free to choose, but definitely an upgrade price must be set.
Personally I would be happy to pay for the new version. Also a bit more than what I payed for the current version.

For (semi)professional musicians, depending on MS, I guess they would allready have a backup solution in the form of a second tablet, while having automatic updates on both tablets off to insure maximum stability.
Updates can then be allowed to happen manually on tablet 1. Weeks later on tablet 2, and again weeks later on tablet 1. . . . . Thus again reducing the risc of problems - also problems caused by updates from other apps.
Without any change from Mike this same procedure should work in highly reducing riscs with MS V5 by manually installing version 5 on one of the tablets, and testing/waiting for stability while, if necessary being able to perform from the current MS version on the other tablet. MS v5 is only installed on the other tablet when confident that V5 is ok.
There is still a risc of course that the tablet containing the current version of MS would have a technical problem, in the period that V5 is being tested on the other tablet. but that will be a limited period only

If Mike were to decide to introduce an new paid version, it would not necessarily mean that current customers not buying it would be left in the cold.
(I have no Idea what is techically possible and possible on the app buying platforms so I am not taking that into account)
There a few scenario's possible (a couple described below), one might be that the new version is an "early adopter" version.
This would mean that a new MS EA (early adopter) is introduced together with it's free evaluation counterpart. MS V5 will then initially be published only in MS EA and it's evaluation version. Professionals worried about being able to fall back to the current version (and others) could then buy this MS EA and run it (V5) next to MS (normal) in the current release.
Once everything is stable, Mike could then release V5 also in the normal version of MS. At this stage MS normal and MS EA would be identical for a short period. New updates would after that again be published in the MS EA version only offering proffesional musicians continued MS stability wile Mike brings out updates.

By Playing with the delay (not only now but also in the future)between a stable MS EA and bringing it's functionality to the MS normal version, Mike can create a couple of scenario's.
- He never does it : Then there are two completely different versions of MS.
- He does it immediately after MS EA is stable. Then MS EA is realy an Early adopter version. This one is the best solution for the professional musician seeking version independibility
- He waits longer. In this way he can motivate more and more people (that want the new functionality) to buy the new version and thus generating more income (which I think he deserves).
- He only does this when an major update in coming. In this way he could be moving to a scenario where an older and a current version of MS are offered, which would - I think - only make sense if the selling price of MS EA is higher than that of MS. He could then follow on some other software vendors who offer older versions of their software at reduced price compared to the newest with full functionality.

So these are my reflections/thoughts on the current situation. I hope everything is understandable as english is not my native language.

Mike, you have my greatest respect accomplishing what you are currently doing, in the situation you are doing it (with your daytime job and all).
I had a look at the previews and it seems the new MS will be great, better than my highest expectations - and a more polished app than the current. Great job!
Cant' wait.
(09-16-2014, 05:07 PM)Zuberman Wrote: I really need to get as much input as possible from users to know whether having to repurchase would be met with strong opposition, or would be welcomed as it provides the option to run both versions in parallel.


You probably have about 3-4 groups of users; pro/semipro musicians, who probably would pay for either a new version or 'pro' version; active amateurs, who may go either way; and 'part timers', who will continue using the program as is. Since there is no way for you to discriminate between them, maybe you should consider a shotgun approach. fulfill your commitment for the free upgrade by doing the proposed limited time full version upgrade, I would suggest 30-60 days. Use the present version as a limited, low cost or free version, and the new one as the upgrade/pro version with a trial period. After awhile you could probably let the old one disappear.
Most times when tablet use is brought up in the circles I'm in, it is for 'binder' replacement use and the additional capabilities are gravy.

Edit:I was making my post at the same time as the above. Smile
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This app is so good, I would pay another time (for midi and pdf export...)!

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