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Version 5.0.0 More Previews
Hi!! Mike , i'm a french keyboard player with a Korg PA3x , and receive a mail from Korg , that we'll have the possibility to connect a androide tablette with the keyboard ! Extra good stuff !! i use already the version 4 of your great app ; and thank you for the great job you'r doing ! a appeciate all the goodies of the version 5 and can't wait to test it ! when can we suppose the final version ? to empressed to get it ! have a good day , see you
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I would/will pay for the upgrade and/or make use of the contribution button, if you are counting votes right now. Thank you for this application.
I think the MobileSheets II is the way to go. I guess my expectations are rooted in the old days of software - I actually thought I might be paying $9 a month for *this version*. I'm actually pretty happy with it the way it is right now - it's simple and it works. The one major problem I have is I can't see the link circles at all. Other than that, I don't really need any other features.

I'd also be happy to pay $1 a month to support development and keep you in business. I don't think most users understand how tenuous the software business is. if they lost support for something they rely on to make $$, they would be (at least temporarily) screwed.

I've noticed a few minor bugs - if you re-open it, it seems to want to re-import whatever you imported last. I could do without the (Android?) number appended to my PDF file name in the title, sometimes it loads the previous or current PDF, then, a few seconds later, you get a black "loading screen" for a few seconds before the correct image appears. Overall, though, it seems pretty well featured and solid. Good job!
I think you'll find the appended number is part of MS's filing system. It allows for two or more charts having the same name, but with different arrangements, keys, or whatever.

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Mike, I myself am also willing to pay for a parallel option, and also am inclined towards some approach that gives you compensation for your hard work.

A suggestion which MIGHT be a way to offer the customer the choice of "pure replacement update" or "run in parallel" --- and I offer this withOUT knowing if this works with either MS architecture or Play Store + others' architecture.

Is it possible to put 2 separate "products" up on Play Store, containing the same (similar) v5 app code:
a) a free-to-current-customers "v5 Update" product: this installs by overwriting v4 on the customer's tablet, hence eliminating the parallel or rollback options.
b) a buy/paid "v5 Parallel+Separate" product, set up under a slightly different product name: this is coded to install separately from v4, allowing parallel/rollback operation.

The app code for "v5-Parallel" could be exactly the same as "v5-Update," or could be different in some way. Or maybe at some point you could limit the update path on v5-Update ... like maybe v5-Up only goes thru v7, v8, or future updates thru, say, 2016 ... or something that keeps with the "spirit of the deal," the reasonable expecations of your current customer base.

And just speaking for myself, I intensely dislike subscription products- so far I have always found an alternative to Adobe and MSFT products that are going that way. I buy my (old) cars, I don't like leasing them. I want to own what I buy. I work hard to avoid any situation where I'm going to be forced into a change, like when you turn in a leased car, or an app or operating system I use FORCES an update or expires. It's about the UI, and stability, in addition to + as much as the cost. Continuity in user interface is very valuable to me, and I want contol over my own decision + timing of when I change.

If something I buy has a limited update horizon, or if (when) there is a MAJOR product generational step up (and v4 to v5 here is major) -- I'm happy to see the choice between hanging with my current version, and paying for the major step up (and learning the UI changes). Just tell me up front when I buy it, how that's gonna work- what I'm buying. I can't do that under subscription. MSFT 365 is a NON-STARTER for me, for these UI reasons, among others. That's even MORE true if the app is in some way integrated with my income.

And can't leave without commenting - this is a great product, and I sincerely hope you're able to create a decent and sustainable business model around it.
I've used MS for what seems like forever! The improvements shown in the vids look great and I'm certainly willing to pay for a new version. I use this app every day, show it off to others when I can and can't imagine ever going back to floppy/flippy/weighty/etc paper books.

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Mike, I'm also willing to pay to get the new version. If you choose for a donation button I would certainly also use it.

Do you have already a date in mind for beat testing release and roll-out?
I'm working non-stop trying to iron out all of the bugs so that I can release the beta. I'm currently working through bugs in annotations, and then I need to fully exercise the sharing features. I also need to make sure MobileSheets runs correctly on a large range of android versions. If I can get the issues with annotations ironed out today, and either get started with, or finish the sharing features today, then I'm not far away from a release at all. It should be noted that this initial beta will not have translations for any languages but English (I still need to contact all of the translators who will hopefully help me), it will not work with the companion app (and I don't have a version of the companion app ready to test with yet), and there will be no manual available at first, which could be problematic for testers if they don't know what features are available to test. If people think I should finish the new manual first, and maybe even the tutorial videos, that would extend the timeline a little, but I think people will probably be able to figure most things out.

For testing purposes, many users will want to upload their Companion generated backup to v5. I would think the foremost requirement would be for the new version to work with Companion - or an updated version of Companion. Until that happens, I see little point in releasing v5.

1: Samsung 12.2" SM-P900: Android 5.0.2 
2: eSTAR GRAND HD Quad-Core 4G 10.2": Android 5.1 
3: Home-built BT pedal

Some of my music here
For beta testing, not having companion is not an issue to me.
In MS (not PRO), choose Options, Utilities, backup library, and make backup locally on tablet. Import into MS Pro can then start from there.

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