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[1.2.3.] Page Scaling bugs when the tablet is in landscape orientation
(05-13-2015, 12:48 AM)Skip Wrote: Is this what you're looking for? Settings>display settings>center pages

Thanks, that helped.

In the process of fixing that i noticed that the 'display half pages in landscape' was apparently pre-checked. Unchecking that solved my landscape issues, or rather: it solved my landscape issues after using fit to screen, now fit height works, it didn't right away after unchecking that option.

On further reproduction, the issue seems to be with the auto-rescale on switching from portrait to landscape. After the implicit zoom, 'fit height' doesn't work, 'fit screen' does, though.

Another EDIT:
When set to 'fit to screen', the switch from portrait to landscape works fine. When using 'fit to height' in landscape, switching to portrait does NOT fit to height (which would be useless anyway, but at least consistent), switching BACK to landscape seems to fit to the display height of portrait mode - or at least that's what i assume from the zoom factor.

As an addendum: using 'fit width' in portrait leads to the same odd behaviour, where switching to landscape displays the sheet suboptimally (not using either full width nor full height) and switching back to portrait zooms the sheet (presumably by using the width value from landscape) - at that point 'fit width' stops working.

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