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the ideal tablet for MobileSheetsPro
Samsung galaxy note pro 12,2 here: my choice after a long search.
Love it.
(04-21-2015, 11:31 AM)Kyle Wrote: This is a good thread to look at if you want to know what people are using.
   In my opinion, if you are a musician that likes to write or mark on your music, the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is the best tablet on the market right now for that. The Note 12.2 will also work great even if you don't write or mark your music, but may be a bit costly for casual musicians. However, the Note Pro has a sibling, the Samsung Galaxy *Tab* Pro 12.2. This tablet retails for $100 less, but does not have an S-Pen (this is the difference between the Note and Tab models), so it is not nearly as good for writing on music, but will still do a great job at displaying music.

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You can get great results without the expense of a Note Pro by going with the Tab Pro and an Adonit precision stylus bought separately for $20-$30. I use an Adonit Jot Pro with my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 with precise notation results.
"In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is."

I have a Toshiba Excite 13 which has served me well for over 2 years but the 16:9 ratio has never been ideal for sheet music display (its primary purpose). How does the HP Pro Slate 12 compare with its 4:3 ratio? Does music display at the same size as a 13" 16:9 tablet or is it smaller/larger? It'd be nice to have a 4:3 rootable tablet with KitKat and a stylus for annotations but I'm not convinced it's worth paying £500 for the privilege...
Screen Dimensions Toshiba Excite 13 (13,3 inch):
Width = 13,3*coseno (arcotg(9/16))
Height = width*9/16
1 inch= 2,54 cm, so:

Width: 29.443 cm
Height: 16,562 cm

Screen dimension Hp pro slate 12 (12,3 inch):
Width = 12,3*coseno (arcotg(3/4))
Height = width*3/4
1 inch= 2,54 cm, so:

Width: 24,993 cm
Height: 18,745 cm
Hp Slate pro 12. Airturn ped
Manzajos thanks for doing the math + posting.
Thanks for doing the calculations Manzajos - might just stick with my Excite 13 for now.
(04-30-2015, 10:08 PM)Andy L Wrote: Thanks for doing the calculations Manzajos - might just stick with my Excite 13 for now.

As new 13" tablets became available, I did not love dimensions of Excite 13 (it was one of the first 13" tablets).  I bought Hannspree 13" as a backup and it became my default.

I found the narrowness of the Excite in portrait mode affected my ability to add annotations.  So, If I added annotations on the Hannspree, it might not fit right on the Excite 13". 

I ended up buying another inexpensive 13" tablet as a backup for the Hannspree and I no longer use the Excite 13 for Mobilesheets.
I'm using the current Hannspree 13'' FullHD as well.

I suppose it depends on which criteria you factor into 'ideal', if price is an issue - it was for me, since there's always a chance my notestand might be pushed over by a fellow trombonist or something like that - my tablet certainly comes close to ideal, since there isn't much competition for that screensize when factoring in screen resolution and price.

From a pure technical PoV, the NotePro 12.2 is probably the better choice, due to aspect ratio and stylus, though.
I just recently bought an Azpen 13.3" tablet and I'm very happy with it so far.
The display is 7.05" x 11.28" - nearly as wide as an 8-1/2 x 11 with margins, and longer.
It's bright enuf+ good battery life. Could do with a little more resolution (pixel density) but it's still very workable.
$150 from TigerDirect in the USA.
I've wanted a 13" tablet for some time now to use exclusively as a music reader.  I had bought 2 Hanspree 13" devices about 6 months ago and I returned both for problems.  I was not only disappointed but I became pretty jaded about going the low-cost tablet route.  I have been patiently waiting for all the brand-named 13.3" tablets that were supposed to be out early this year but have been losing patience!  Plus I wasn't excited about dropping $500+ on a device that I'd really only use for MSPro.  (I already have a 10" and an 8" tablet that I use a lot)

Well I got tired of waiting and I finally broke down and bought the Azpen 13.3" on Amazon for $140.  While this is not a high-end tablet, I've been very pleased with it.  Basically I'm using it for MobileSheets and little else.  The screen resolution is all right but not spectacular (fine for the pdf's), the processor responds quickly, it connects to my BT Airturn pedal without any problems and it takes a 32G sd card.  And I certainly can't complain about the price.

As a music reader it is fine and at a good price.  But if you plan on using it for lots of other things you should be aware that the speakers aren't very good.  The volume is very low altho it's fine with earphones plugged in.  And the cameras are mediocre - but then who uses a 13" tablet to take pictures?

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