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Backup problems
I just bought the new pro version (have had the old one for ages).  I was hoping it might automatically import the songs etc from the old one which is also on my tablet but not finding any way to do that, I decided to restore a backup from the old version from my PC.  So, I installed the companion program and restored the latest backup I had.  All seemed to work.

I thought it would be a good idea to create a new backup from the pro version, and this is where I am having problems.

On the first attempt it seemed to gather up all the songs and package them, and send them to the PC (ending with a "Backup completed successfully" on the tablet status log.  The PC however is sitting forever saying 100% transferred and never completing the save of the file.  I look on my disk and the file is there, but showing 0 length.   After a length of time I have to give up and hit the cancel button.

If I try again, it fails in various ways, from the tablet acting as if nothing has happened, to the tablet saying "initiating backup" and then nothing else happening.

If I disconnect the tablet from the PC and reconnect, it proceeds as per the first time, getting to 100% but never saving the file properly, just like before.

A backup to the tablet itself, from Mobilesheets Pro works fine.
Hi jusmee,

That's really unusual. Is anyone else having issues completing a backup from the companion app? I just tested it out again on my PC and didn't encounter any issues. For it to just be sitting at 100%, it's either waiting for something it never gets from the tablet, or it's erroring out in some way without handling it properly (less likely).

How large is your library? How large was the backup file from the original? You are running 1.0.2 of the tablet app and 2.0.2 of the companion, correct?

Probably a false alarm. The Windows machine just rebooted itself between my last post and now - must have had some pending updates for Windows and/or the virus checker.

...and now it all works. The backup file is about 178MB, and I am feeling that maybe the virus checker was trying to check the file before allowing it to be written to the disk - and maybe it was failing because of the updates. Plausible?
Seems plausible. I'm glad it's all working now - thanks for letting me know.


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