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multiple delete
I'm new here.
Some knows how to delete multiple pdf's. I batch imported a lot of pdf's, but some were a kind of "mac" things, starting with a "."
And I only know how to delete them one by one... still 455 to go. Can I batch delete? Any help really appreciated!
From the Songs index, Long press on a song needed deleting, the action bar appears above with the Delete option, but instead, you can tap on other songs before deleting. I think this should work. If the period is in the song (PDF) title they should be listing all in a group.

Otherwise run a Search if there is some other word in all the songs (PDF name).
Thanks for the reply.
But I couldn't find it out. So I deleted the files one by one...
The dot appears first like ".Prelude" and refers to "Prelude" in the same folder.
I think it's a file that apple creates, and is invisible on my macbook, and so I 'group-imported' along with the correct files.
If I open de ".Prelude", MobileSheets crashes.
Last week I bought the app, and yesterday I bought MobileSheetsPro, so I don't know if the Pro version would crash also.
Importing my whole library to the Pro version was easy and flawless.
Hello Narada, glad you got it all done (although slowly). Also have Mac but have not had this problem. I have been importing files from flash drive and Dropbox. I have not checked if there were hidden files in the folders or not, but I did not have the problem.

Mike might like to prevent dot files from being imported.
I do prevent "." files in MobileSheetsPro. I need to back-port that to the original.
Ah, that explains what has happened with Narada. Thanks Mike.

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