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MobileSheetsPro 1.0.7 and CompanionPro 2.0.6 Released
Hello Alan,

1.1.5 is newer than 1.0.7 and is the latest version. There is nothing you need to do.

Alan's post might be a hint that announcing new versions under "News" would be helpful.
No huge efforts please, just the versions could be enough. Or a copy of the version history that shows up in PlayStore and in MSP itself.
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Good Evening:

Mine updated yesterday and the backup library hangs and doesn't complete on the companion but the tablet shows it completed. It also does not show on the pc if you cancel because it never completes.

However if you copy the file you can save it to a different location, however I can't verify as it won't open.

I have mobile sheets on a small android tablet and a large one. the backup ran successfully off of the larger device after I removed the older version of the companion from the pc.

However it still failed on the same song from the smaller tablet. I then deleted and re-added the song. Tried the backup again still had an issue with the success and cancel button so the backup didn't save.

Then deleted the old version from the tablet (green icon). Ran the backup and it indicates completed 100% then you can cancel in companion but it does not save the backup. The tablet indicates it completed 100%.

Then re-run and hit disconnect on the tablet it still ends up with cancel as the only option to exit. If you do so you have lost the backup.

Any suggestions? Or data needed? I can try to restore from the backup of the other device and see if it then works.

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