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MobileSheets v4.0.2 and MobileSheets Companion v1.4.1 Released
I'm very happy to announce the release of two new updates. These updates include a large number of bug fixes reported by users as well as a lot of very important enhancements. I think everyone is going to enjoy this release, and I've done my best to ensure that it's going to be a smooth one. I'm also thrilled to announce that MobileSheets is now available in Dutch, French, German and Spanish! I want to send a big thank you to Stephan Saul, Joël Roessel, Vicente Solsona, and Sipke Veenstra for their amazing contributions in helping me translate the software. I will be setting up a forum soon so that people can provide feedback and suggestions for the various translations. Without further ado, here is the list of changes:

MobileSheets v4.0.2
-Added German, French, Dutch, and Spanish translations
-Fixed connection issues with companion app. Added options to change the connection settings. Also added support for a manual connection option to bypass popup
-Added new drag and drop list that is much faster and more intuitive. Also supports quick deletion of items.
-Added new file browser that supports the selection of multiple files, and common file commands (create directory, delete, etc)
-Switched default database location back to internal storage to prevent errors from the SD card being locked
-Added option to switch database location to SD Card with internal backups
-Moved around settings, created a new category, and added database import and export options
-Fixed bug that was causing link points to disappear in certain situations.
-Fixed bug that prevented any more than two link points from being created
-Changed sliding window to popup windows that can be closed
-Fixed issue with password protected PDFs. They can be successfully added now.
-Fixed issue with importing files from emails or downloads
-Added option to exclude audio files from backups. Removed options to exclude other file types, as that is no longer needed with export database feature
-Huge number of minor bug fixes and layout adjustments

MobileSheets Companion v1.4.1
- Fixed various connection issues with tablet
- Added manual connection option as well as options to change connection settings
- Fixed drag and drop issues with the setlist editor.
- Files are no longer prepended with an id if you check the create subdirectories option.
- The song count is now correctly updated after a song is added
- Fixed issue where songs could be created without an artist or album.

Due to the large number of features I've added, I will need to update the manual soon to reflect these changes. I will be doing this while also working on the next update, which will introduce positional zooming, cropping and more. Thanks for the support everyone!

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