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Rename files?
On balance, I think I'm with itsme. I see requests for a number of 'features' to be included within MSP that would be much easier to handle externally and with other software.

Every additional feature added to MSP has the potential to break something already working (anyone who has coded software will know all about that) and in many cases, it's just a case of re-inventing a wheel. Most often, these wheels have already been accommodated by other software - and to a better level.

Over the years, I have seen too many pieces of good software gradually brought down by the inclusion of 'features' that were really not necessary to the operation of that software and ending up at a point where coding bloat took over, the original conception got buried and users looked to something else, or just ceased upgrading because each release got increasingly worse in terms of usability.

MSP is, essentially, a piece of software designed to display music charts - please let's keep it that way. There are plenty of ways to rename a file without involving MSP.

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