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Trouble getting MS Pro to work with my Korg PA3X Arranger
Greetings all,

I just recently installed MS Pro on my 10 inch Acer Transformer tablet (running Android 4.1.1) after reading that I could automate the loading of songs by making songbook selections on my Korg PA3X Arrange Keyboard.

- I have configured "Midi Settings" to use midi channel 1 and set "Midi Device" to Korg.

- I have edited a song to add a midi command of type "Number" (where Number =1), and both the "Send on Song Load" and the "Load Song on Receive" fields are ON.

- I have followed the instructions on the following Korg Publication: http://www.zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/ma...s_korg.pdf to set up my Korg, with the only difference being that I set the control channel to be channel 1 for both midi-in and midi-out because I read in another thread that people were having trouble using a channel other than 1...

- I have setup one of the midi songs in my Korg's songbook to be labelled as song number 1, as described in the zubersoft korg instruction manual

- I have connected the table to the Korg's USB type B (square) connected through a simple adapter which is a USB Type A (female) on one side for connecting to my tablets USB cable and a USB Type B on the other side for connecting to the Korg.

- When I connect the table to the Korg, I have no indication in MS Pro that a connection is being made, and selecting a song on the Korg does NOT load the song on MS Pro or vice-versa.

Any thoughts? Of course any help would be extremely appreciated.



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Trouble getting MS Pro to work with my Korg PA3X Arranger - by kleanthis - 06-02-2015, 04:06 PM

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