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Exporting songs and setlist
hello again,

i have two short questions:

1) I load 250 songs as a pdf in my MSP. Can I export these songs to another tablet with MSP?

2) I create a setlist while a livegig. Can I get this setlist via bluetoth to another tablet with msp?

thanks for your help again

greets paule
Send songs or setlists to other MobileSheets users. All of the song metadata, bookmarks, annotations and link points will be transferred along with the files. You can also generate lists of songs from setlists to place in emails or documents."

This is the info in the presentation. How can i send these sings and setlists?
Ok, i found it in the manual page 32

sorry for my unpatience
you could just make a backup perhaps to a USB drive and restore on the new MS.
thanks for your reply, bumblebee. i am searching for a solution, to send a setlist to my partner musician while a gig.
today we have a gig, i will using msp for the first time. my partner (music duo -> www.liveband-revolution.de) has
still 285 papers and i have to convince him, that msp is the right thing.
This thread might be related:
and if you run a Search on Setlist, there might be other posts.

I have sometimes done a screenshot (not specifically related to music or MS) and emailed it to others.
I hope your gig was fun and went well.
As a side note, if your partner is using MobileSheetsPro, you can use "Share as msf". If not, you can use the "Share files" to send just the files without the song data.
hello again,

it´s a great feeling without papersheets.
we have both the same tablet (Samsung Tab 3 without internet),
the same software msp and exactly the same 288 songs.

i create the setlist minutes before gig, and share the setlistfile via
bluetooth as a msf-file. my partner can import this file, but he must
click by every song of 70 songs, "do you want overwrite the existing
or "abort". to overwrite the existing song it´s not the problem,
but the 70 clicks to confirm this.

is there the possibillity, clicking one time for all songs ?

regards paule

(sorry for my bad english)
I'll work on this to see what I can do. I should be able to add an easy way to select that you want to update all existing songs.
it would be good, if you can selected the following choices:

update existing files
do not update existing files

in my case, I only need the order of the songs, so to speak "only" the setlist.

(07-06-2015, 04:53 PM)Zuberman Wrote: I'll work on this to see what I can do. I should be able to add an easy way to select that you want to update all existing songs.

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