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Storage space used per imported page.
I'm wondering how many KB are used (on average) for a page of music in MSPro.

Having used an app on my Android phone (CamScanner) to scan and export .pdf's of most of my printed music, I'm wondering if I have gone too far.

In many cases, a song may have three repeats which go back over three pages. I have Copy/Pasted the three pages twice, so that I have a nine-page .pdf which I then import into MSPro.

Now I am noticing I could have simply set up those pages to repeat from within MSPro...oh the dreaded learning curve! Blush

So I am wondering if it would be worth the effort to go back, delete the extra pages in the .pdf's and re-import the songs. We're talking about a couple of hundred songs, and at least as many 'duplicated' pages within the .pdf's.

I have not run into any performance issues or lack of storage space problems...YET, but of course one must always be mindful of available space on a mobile device.
I could be wrong, it happened once before.

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Storage space used per imported page. - by Steve B. - 10-19-2015, 04:32 AM

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