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Still no flattened pdf export?
Hi there,
Sorry to be a pest.
But I just upgraded to 1.1.9 an unless I'm missing something was very disappointed to see that the export pdf feature is not included.

Maybe I didn't see it.

But as stated in the past it's a very important part of my work and often done in a rush.

The problem to restate is :
1 - I add all indications into my music. Since I perform Baroque music we often make changes, often radical ones during rehearsals. This means I often have to delete or add pages.
2 - Ditto for the indications, dynamics, fingerings, and order such as AA BB CC AA change often
3 - And for sure I'm paranoid and still need the paper version on my stand just in case something goes phooey with the tablet or pedal or what else.
4 - As many here I perform often in front of hundreds and often on live radio (thousands) and TV.

Here's a video of me in front of 2000!!!

So maybe I'm paranoid but I still prefer to print out my music - and if I'm lucky a few days before the concert.

But since I can't export the annotations as I did with 4 score I spend some frantic panicky moments often at the dress rehearsal - in the worst case - taking screen shots sending them to Googledrive and then recompiling the pdf file, print it out and hope I haven't forgot or doubled up on a page!

So I'm seriously considering if the pdf export is not soon to abandoning this program buying the new HUGE iPad and going back to 4 score which gives me fewer heebie-jeebies I must admit.

Then again am I just ranting because I missed the promised export feature?

Please inform.

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